We're starting this getaway guide with a vacation destination that's very close to our heart and very close to home: Boston, Mass. 

Boston, a city that's considered ancient by American standards, was one of the very first towns in America. It has the nation's oldest metro, oldest college, oldest restaurant, oldest park, oldest chocolate factory... this city is paradise for your average history buff.

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 The Freedom Trail

The great thing about Boston's historical locations is that you can knock most of them out in one fell swoop - and for free. The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile stretch that covers sites like Paul Revere's house and the USS Constitution. Generally most people walk it, but for those of us that are less athletically inclined, there are also hop on-off buses.

Boston is also known for Harvard and MIT, the Boston Tea Party, the Red Sox  - and yet what we love most about this city is the way people speak

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Every region of the US has its own unique accent, but "The Hub" (shortened for "The Hub of the Universe") has some wicked awesome English. If your vacation destination this year is Boston, here are a couple of quick and dirty tips that might help with your interactions with the locals:  

Drop your R's

Supper becomes suppah, Easter becomes Eastah, and chowder becomes chowda.

For example: "Hey Danny! You coming over for Eastah suppah? Ma's making chowdah!"  

New Slang

Bostonians have lovely expressions like "Bang A Uey" for when you've missed the gas station and you've got to make a U-turn. There's also a long vocabulary list of slang that's entirely unique to New England. There are words like "clicker" for those times where you want to change the television channel to the Patriots game, and other words like "grinder" for when it's lunchtime and you really want a sandwich.

(Or the word "wicked" for when your scented candle smells wicked good.) 

Travel Collection - Boston 6oz Scented Jar Candle

With such a unique culture and a unique feel to the city, Boston really is one-of-a-kind. So, it doesn't matter if you're headed to this vacation destination for its historical sites, good eats or wicked awesome slang, it'll definitely be an experience.

Whether you're a Bostonian local or a tourist, we want to hear from you! What's your favorite thing to do in Boston?  

In celebration of this new collection, we will be posting travel tips and fun facts about each vacation destination - so stay tuned! 


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