Every year the month of May brings school to a close, ushers warmer weather into the air and produces a highly contagious and insatiable itch to travel. It's almost like there's something in the atmosphere that brings about a bad case of wanderlust. 

With the end of winter hibernation, we've stretched our limbs and crawled out of our nooks wondering where to spend summer vaca. For the past few weeks, we've been seeing our #SocialLights on Facebook and Instagram debating on whether it was time to break out the bathing suits and head to the beach or get lost in the unexpected charms of an unexplored city. With all this talk of vacation and exploration, the Travel Collection was born.

 Boston - Chicago - Florida - New York

With you as our inspiration, we've created four distinct and incredibly unique fragrances that will spur some serious sightseeing. These candles were handmade in America so we wanted the scents to correspond to the beautiful places we have here in the USA: 

Chicago Scented Candle | The Travel Collection | Colonial Candle

The Boston candle was made with a powerful fragrance blend of tobacco, lavender and moss. We wanted the scent to be as strong as the deeply historical city -  as strong as its people - and as strong as its accent!

Chicago Scented Candle | The Travel Collection | Colonial Candle

Next, there was Chicago - the Windy City and the birthplace of the Chicago blues. With a fragrance combination of suede, zest and subtle amberwood, we created something you could easily find burning in the basement of a jazz-filled speakeasy.

Florida Scented Candle | The Travel Collection | Colonial Candle

Ahh, FloridaA peninsula surrounded by tumbling ocean waves and hot sandy beaches - it's the perfect summer vacation destination! Florida supplies nearly 80% of all citruses, so it's no surprise we added a touch of grapefruit to the fragrance mixture of sea salt and vetiver.

New York Scented Candle | The Travel Collection | Colonial Candle

And finally, the City That Never Sleeps - New York. This fragrance had to be as unique and incomparable as the city itself - a melting pot of pomegranate, spice, patchouli and amber. These are all vastly different scents, but somehow, they still blend together harmoniously. 

Four distinct destinations. Four distinct fragrances. 

In celebration of the Travel Collection, we will be posting travel tips and fun facts about each vacation destination throughout the week - so stay tuned!   

Starting today, we will be giving away the entire Travel Collection! To enter to win, check out our Facebook page OR our Instagram account!

*Giveaway ends 5/18/18 at 3:30pm EST


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