Introducing a fun, new multicolored candle collection that's so full of life and absolutely perfect for summer. Pop of Color contains 12 fragrances with every color (and every scent) under the sun. Each vibrant three-wick scented candle is paired with a round 14.5oz matte jar and topped with a beautiful copper lid. 

1. Black Mandarin

A true gentleman's fragranced candle, Black Mandarin is an elegant and sensual mix of vibrant citrus and sultry musk with an added touch of unrefined sea salt and spiced black charcoal.

2. Cactus Rain

Imagine the vibrant colors of a cactus bud, misted with the fresh scent of a light springtime rain. Cactus Rain is as refreshing as a cool glass of water sprinkled with wild mint for parched nature lovers. 

3. Golden Amber

A unique blend of warm amber, rich honey and bourbon, Golden Amber is perfect for a sunny, summer day. The normally domineering, musky fragrance notes of amber is subdued with a pleasing combination of sweet, raw honey and perfectly aged whiskey.

4. Grapefruit Cassis

This brightly colored candle has a scent that's just as lively as it looks. Vividly pink and tart grapefruit fragrance notes are balanced by the sweet, full-bodied smell of juicy cassis berry.

5. Lemongrass Ginger

For that clean-smelling, summertime scent, Pop of Color's Lemongrass Ginger is a must. Bright ginger fragrance notes are infused with vibrant lemon zest and freshly picked sage to create a pure and soothing scented candle for your home.

6. Mandarin Spice

Sweet, juicy orange is dusted with a hint of spicy cinnamon and clove. This vibrant, citrus infused scented candle takes on a subtle, yet unexpected twist with an undertone of smoky Moroccan spice.

7. Midnight Incense

Escape to a mysterious Persian den at dusk, a thick curtain of aromatic incenses wafting through the air. With a smokey combination of bergamot, black pepper and iris flower, you'll be transported immediately to an exotic land. 

8. Ocean Storm

This scented candle is the calm before the storm. Deep, intense yet calming, Ocean Storm takes musky, marine notes and crashes them into the salty, stormy air. A predominately manly scent, this scented candle is an oceanic mixture of salt water, island palm and fresh rain. 

9. Pink Pepper Passionfruit

An unexpected combination of pink pepper, fruit cocktail and crisp pear makes Pink Pepper Passionfruit a wonderfully rare scent. Pink musk and spicy pepper envelop sweet passion fruit to finish this unique scented candle.

10. Sandalwood Bonfire

Gather around, friends and family, and unwind around a crackling campfire during a cool, summer evening. Sandalwood Bonfire scented candles contain cuddle inducing fragrance notes of sandalwood, tobacco and oud. Cozy has never smelled so good!

11. Twinkling Lavender

Spring your scenes into action with a Twinkling Lavender candle, the perfect scent for your bathroom. This fragrance combines freshly cut sage, lavender and violet petals. With a final spritz of bubbly prosecco, your senses will be dancing in no time.

12. Vanilla Sea Salt

Vanilla Sea Salt is not your plain and simple French vanilla. This classic fragrance gets revived with a beachy twist of subtle sea salt and driftwood to create a scented candle that'll make the perfect addition to your vacation home in Nantucket. 

Look for Pop of Color on the Colonial Candle website, debuting Thursday, April 11th. 


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Will these be available in wax warmers also?

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