How to Have a Summer BBQ that Sizzles and Crackles


Manly Indulgence is brings you the best addition to your summer that crackles while it sizzles. Our Sea Salt and Ginger, Black Sandalwood and Warm Beachwood scents are here to deliver the perfect summer night. 

Whether you're hosting a backyard event or indoor picnic, one of the most important steps is planning ahead. After creating out a list of your guests, food, drinks, and games, you may forget the most important addition – candles. Our neutral colored matte jar Manly Indulgence candles add ambiance, campfire sounds and fresh scents that last all evening. 


Sea Salt and Ginger

The Sea Salt and Ginger is a beachside essential, bringing you the scents of sea salt, ginger, peppercorns and vetiver. Let your guests do the talking while our crackling Sea Salt and Ginger candle accompanies the atmosphere of friendship and warmth. This richly scented candle compliments the sweet and salty aroma of a beach breeze. 





Black Sandalwood

Black Sandalwood is a scent you’ll want before, during and after your summer gathering, starting and ending an incredible night with notes of bergamot, tobacco, amber and musk. The sweet scent will make you feel wistful for summer days of the past. As the stars come out, your black matte glass jar and crackling wood wick sounds will make you want to stargaze, taking in every moment of the night. 

Warm Beachwood


Warm Beachwood takes you down your favorite rustic wooden boardwalk. Sounds of the ocean combine with the wooden wick crackle while scents of warm beachwood engulf your senses. Fragrances of pomegranate, patchouli and moroccan spices waft through the air as you fire up the grill to remind you what a perfect summer night truly means. 



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