The Harvest Collection: Goodbye Summer & Hello Fall

Posted on September 07 2018

The Harvest Collection: Goodbye Summer & Hello Fall


When people dream of fall, they think about the colorful images of falling leaves, cozy evenings by roaring fires and haunted houses on Halloween night. There are so many charming scenes that come to mind - and, in all likelihood, a sparkling, scented candle will inevitably work its way into these fantasies.



Labor Day Weekend signifies the unofficial change of seasons from summer to autumn. Even though fall doesn't officially begin until the end of the month, most people have already made the switch. The Colonial Candle Instagram feed is littered with pictures of thick blankets, pumpkin flavored coffees and harvest candles. Scent enthusiasts have eagerly dusted off their favorite fall fragrances and wax warmers, ready for "candle season" to begin.

This year, we've decided to bring you something different - a cute yet chic collection of fall flavored candles that will make your home feel cozier than ever.


Introducing The Harvest Collection 

These seven festive, fall fragrances come in a 14.5-ounce ultra-chic jar with smooth, clean-burning wax. If you're looking for a collection of candles that brings that warm, autumnal feeling of fall into your home, this is it!

And if you don't believe us, here's what Candle Connoisseur has to say about Amber Cashmere from The Harvest Collection

1. Amber Cashmere

"This is just such a complex blend! Your nose will totally be in heaven the second you smell it. Most prominently, there’s an earthy blend coming through - think of that resinous vibe that comes from tree bark, damp leaves, etc! Then, sweeter notes like the fig and vanilla make little bursts of prominence! The fig comes across as a naturally sweet fruit - nothing over the top or intense. Lastly, there’s a very sweet and creamy finish that rounds all the notes perfectly. LOVE this scent to death - it captures so many sides of fall from cool days to warm sweaters." 

Candle Connoisseur

Here's what the rest of The Harvest Collection smells like: 

2. Pumpkin Sugar

Pumpkin Sugar is a deliciously sweet scent. From the moment you light the candle, you can smell notes of orange rind and peach nectar. After a few moments, your favorite coffee house fragrances come to fruition and the tantalizing scents of pumpkin latte, matte chai and spun sugar fill the air. Finally, a touch of whipped vanilla is added in for a mouth-watering finishing touch.

3.  Autumn Spice

Bring the smell of harvest season inside with Autumn Spice. This spicy, woodsy candle contains a unique blend of nutmeg and pumpkin spice with fir needle, golden myrrh and frankincense. This nostalgic fragrance blend will take you back to your childhood memories of playing in the colorful autumn leaves.  

4. White Pumpkin

There's only one way to describe this fall-flavored fragrance: pumpkin picking in a candle! With a delicate blend of fresh pumpkin, juicy apples and the festive spices of cinnamon and ginger root, White Pumpkin is the perfect complement to your next pumpkin patch visit. For a finishing touch, we sweetened this scent with the subtle notes of vanilla and raw sugar. 

5. Whiskey & Cedarwood

Whiskey lovers rejoice: Whiskey & Cedarwood is the candle you've been waiting for! Fragrance notes of smokey Tennessee whiskey mingle boldly with lavender flower. Hints of warm cedarwood and glowing amber are added to the autumnal mix to complete this masculine masterpiece.

6. Bergamot Amber

Bergamot Amber is the candle to burn when welcoming someone into your home. This warming mix of bergamot leaves, Baltic amber, Tonka bean and juicy nectarine will have your friends and family feeling comfy and cozy in no time. With just an added hint of iris petal, jasmine and freesia, Bergamot Amber is one of those fragrances that turns any house into a home. 

7. Jasmine Musk

The mysterious musk of autumn is brought to fruition the minute you light this candle. Intense notes of Virginian cedar and whipped musk are woven together with fruity fall citruses. Lastly, a final note of delicate jasmine is blended in to bring you this unique fall fragrance.


Which Harvest Collection fragrance smells like fall to you?


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