There is no product more gratifying than a scented candle. Whether on a cold winter morning of work and reflection, or at the slow dusk of a hot summer’s eve, a scented candle is fit for any season, room, or time of day. It elevates a room, defines an atmosphere, and lends comfort, joy, and peace wherever it stands.

What Makes a Scented Candle?

Defined by a carefully designed scent that permeates the air on lighting, the scented candle is a traditional jar candle and a 3-wick candle with an aromatic twist.

There are many different varieties of scented candle. It could be a hand-poured candle, presented in a jar, or a simple, traditional cylinder. Size and make define burn time in various ways as well. But one thing is certain: you will get a scent to delight your senses.

At Colonial Candle, you can find a new favorite scented candle by exploring fragrances. Simply select a general area and delve deep into artisan crafted scents to fill your home. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites from each fragrance group to give you a sense of why these are the best  candles around.

The Floral Scented Candle

A floral candle is one that embraces the sweetness of the natural world. Often inspired by the splendor of spring and summer, florals either center a popular natural scent or delight with concoctions that symphonically blend many types of flowers.


The Colonial Candle Twinkling Lavender Candle is a timeless classic. Bringing both fresh brightness and earthy peace, lavender is a popular scent in bedrooms and other personal spaces. It allows you to unwind and relax at any time of year. The candle is supported by notes of violets and sage that only heighten the sense of clean relaxation.

For a creative revelation, our Parisian Garden candle brings together roses and cherry blossoms with a hint of lavender for a rich, relaxing bouquet. Part of the Colonial Candle Travel Collection, the Parisian Garden Candle is sure to transport you just there. Allow your mind and body to take a well-deserved stroll.

Fresh Fragrances

Fresh scents emphasize cleanliness and simplicity. Inspired by a feeling of renewal and relaxation, these scents pair can rejuvenate any interior. From sea salt to cucumber, oceanside to countryside, fresh scented candles are incredibly versatile.

The Simple Breeze Candle, for instance, is inspired by the scent of air after rainfall. Hints of lavender and moss bring to mind the comfort of fresh sheets in summer, the moment a heat wave breaks into comforting cool. This 3.5 ounce model burns for about 20 hours, from two cotton wicks.

In the Santorini Sunset candle, ocean air blends with Valencia orange to create a Mediterranean scent-scape. Sea grass, beach juniper, and jasmine add to the bouquet to make this travel-inspired candle a perfect fit for summer. Sink your feet into the sand and savor the interplay between citrus and sea salt.

Fruit Fragrances

The freshest seasonal fruits inspire fruit scents. Therefore, they make a perfect fit for your home’s summer palette.


The Classic Black Cherry candle blends with notes of almonds and natural musk to create an almost tart sweetness – inspired by your favorite cherry dessert. Unlike a dessert, however, this candle does not overwhelm with sugar. The scent is lean and crisp, like fruit ripe from the tree.

For a cheerful fruit-forward candle, consider the Watermelon Lemonade candle. Combining sweet notes of watermelon with tart lemon accents, this marvelous creation can make you feel summer’s heat year round. Just light the three cotton wicks and let your home pulse with the warmer months’ best offerings.

Wood Fragrances

Unlike Fruit Candles, Wood Scented Candles focus on the rustic side of nature’s scents. Created to resemble the subtle musk of various woods, these candles have a more masculine palette and delve deep into the finer differences between various woodland growths, for instance.

The Manly Indulgence Black Sandalwood candle is supported by slight notes of tobacco for an elegant, all-embracing drawing room feel. Indeed, there is a richness to the notes of sandalwood that feels smooth as amber and is sure to create a luxurious atmosphere. 

Consider the Black Birch and Balsam Gift Set to bring the carefully crafted delights of wood fragrances into a loved one’s home. Pine needles and balsam form the scent base in the three small candles and are a perfect pick for the holiday season.

Spice Fragrances

Spice Scented Candles embrace the most versatile category of scents. Deeply seasonal and regional, spices can transport and enliven like nothing else. Fill your home with exotic aromas or familiar comforts – at any time of year!

The M. Baker Tobacco and Cardamom produces a luxurious, mysteriously alluring scent. Combining tobacco with ginger, black pepper, and cardamom creates a deep, dark spice experience that suggests elegance, taste, and intellect.

The Canyon Spice Candle, meanwhile, is an exemplar of a travel-inspired candle. The warm red wax calls to mind the Arizona red rocks. When lit, this candle beckons with apple spice and cassia bark for a sun-baked sweetness that is sure to delight your family and friends.

No matter what direction you take your scents of spice in, the natural aromatic qualities of natural spices make them excellent ingredients in scented candle making. Be sure to explore and find your favorite!

Fragrant Adventures Await

There are many more scented delights in the Colonial Candle catalogue. Don’t be afraid to redefine your space with an aromatic treat at any time of year, based on some of our recommendations above, or just your instinct.

Above all, a candle is an individual product. Explore all kinds of scents to determine what scents you love, and what would be your ideal home fragrance. Your multi-sensory journey starts here and now, with the best scented candles available!

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