4 Scented Candles for Travel Lovers

The Travel Collection: 4 Vacation Inspired Scented Candles

Every year the month of May brings school to a close, ushers warmer weather into the air and produces a highly contagious and insatiable itch to travel. It's almost like there's something in the atmosphere that brings about a bad case of wanderlust.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: How to Pamper Mom | Colonial Candle

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: How to Pamper Mom

Mother's Day is fast approaching and, along with it, the yearly panic of trying to find a present for mom's special day. So, we've rounded up some great gift ideas for every type of mama.  
Earth Day: DIY Recycle and Reuse Jars | Colonial Candle

Earth Day: DIY Recycle and Reuse Jars

Earth Day is just around the corner and Colonial Candle is trying to show some appreciation towards the lovely planet we call home. That's why this Earth Week we've decided to go the extra mile to help protect the environment. 
Jeweled Mandarin Scented Ceramic Candle - The Copper Collection | Colonial Candle

Home Decor Trend: Embracing Copper Metallics

This trend has taken the world by storm and we've responded with the Copper Collection. We're not trying to toot our own horn here, but these scented candles are pretty cute. We've introduced five new fragrances and four new vessels, including reed diffusers. With the popular industrial chic craze, these copper accessories are right on point.
DIY: How to Fight Against Stress

Zen: How to Rest and De-stress

Spring may be here, but that doesn't mean we're not stressed to the max. Whether it's from the looming threat of another winter storm or a deadline at work, stress is huge part of everyday life.

The Three D's of Spring Cleaning - Colonial Candle

The Three D's of Spring Cleaning

It's still February and there's already pollen on the ground here in Charleston. As the pollen and dust continue to accumulate on our porches and mantles, spring cleaning keeps creeping further up on everyone's to-do list. 

History of the National Cherry Blossoms Festival - Colonial Candle

History of the National Cherry Blossoms Festival

It's been a crazy winter here in Charleston. We had an accumulation of snow in January - and we're talking about a historic snowfall for the Lowcountry. Zip ahead to present day where we might be see bathing suits this weekend. Again, this is atypical weather, but we are not complaining. 

Candlelight: the Cure for Cabin Fever

Colonial Candle and the Charleston Snowstorm

This past week, the US got slammed with Winter Storm Grayson. Up and down the east coast we've been seeing record-setting snowfall - even in coastal South Carolina! It snowed six inches at our headquarters in Charleston, SC and that's not something that happens very often.
IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME - Colonial Candle


In the true spirit of the holiday season, Colonial Candle has teamed up with lifestyle blogger, The Petite Bijou, for a 24 hour ceramic giveaway. Two lucky winners will win a set of 3 candles from our holiday collection.  
Christmas Smells Around the World: What Fragrances Reminds You of Christmas?  | Colonial Candle

Christmas Smells Around the World

As Americans, we sometimes overlook the holiday traditions of other nations, even the ones we share. Christmas, for example, is celebrated by nearly 2 billion people around the world and, yet, everyone has different traditions. What different decor is used? What foods are different? What different smells trigger signs of the Christmas season?
Fall is Here - And so is Candle Season - Colonial Candle

Fall is Here - And so is Candle Season

Fall is finally here! Well, at least according to the calendar. So, maybe the leaves haven't started changing color just yet and the air isn't crisp when you wake up in the morning, but everyone and their uncle is getting into the swing of the season.

What's That I Smell? - Colonial Candle

What's That I Smell?

Why is it that some people love a candle's fragrance and others recoil from the same smell? Here's a little insight: