With the abrupt end of December's holiday cheer, January's winter blues inevitably comes creeping back into our lives. Most people spend the winter months wrapped in thick, woolen blankets, dreaming of long walks in the park or sipping umbrella-clad drinks on the beach. To counteract these cold, dark days, the fragrance fanatics here at Colonial Candle have come up with a plan to bring our lovely fans out of their winter melancholia. 

Starting January 21st, Colonial Candle will be bringing back spring favorites from years' past. 

From January through March, we will be resurrecting a total of nine spring favorites from the fragrance vault. On the list for this month is Sweet Iced Tea, Pure Ocean Breeze and Juicy Watermelon. As for the other scents... you'll just have to wait and see!  

1. Sweet Iced Tea

Nothing refreshes on a warm spring day like a tall glass of iced black tea touched with sparkling citrus and lightly sweetened with raw clover honey. Just like a glass of your mama's homemade sweet iced tea, this scented candle is deliciously irresistible. As one of our most highly requested fragrances ever, this timeless classic won't disappoint - and that's a promise, y'all! 

2. Pure Ocean Breeze

Take a deep breath and clear your mind, Pure Ocean Breeze is here. Inspired by crisp, clean and ozonic scents, this candle melds fresh, aquatic notes with sun-kissed neroli, seaside land and a hint of citrus to create a serene ocean escape. With this cool, fresh fragrance, you'll be daydreaming of a stroll by the sea in no time. 

3. Juicy Watermelon

There's nothing like the taste of freshly picked fruit. Crisp watermelon and green mandarin are blended with sugared honeysuckle and calming green tea. Straight from your visit to the melon patch, bring home the ultimate spring refresher: the sweet, cooling scent of Juicy Watermelon. 

This collection contains crisp citruses, serene ocean escapes and satisfyingly sweet fragrances. These three refreshingly classic scents are sure to brighten your day. The weather outside might be frightful, but inside the serenity of your home or workplace, escape to warmer days with Sweet Iced Tea, Pure Ocean Breeze and Juicy Watermelon

All candles will be available for a limited time in the 8oz oval jar only. 


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