Spring Back To Your Favorite Fragrances - Part 3

Spring has finally sprung and so have our final three spring candles. Lucky for you, we saved the best for last! Unlike the previous releases, this debut is especially spring themed. With the snow beginning to melt and the earth coming alive with color, Colonial Candle has decided it would be appropriate to release our most floral debut yet.

Arriving on Thursday, March 7th are the final three throwback fragrances: Wisteria, Soft Peony and Peach Bellini

1. Wisteria

Wisteria is a fan favorite, especially for gardeners. Its picturesque vines can be found sprawling across arbors and porches, crawling into trees and hanging outside windows, expectantly awaiting spring to burst through its fragrant blooms. This scented jar candle is complimented with jasmine petals, wisteria blooms and magnolia flowers with an added touch of warm citrus notes.

2. Soft Peony

Close your eyes and imagine delicate peony petals fluttering in the breeze, breathe in the sweet scent of heliotrope blossoms and golden amber dancing in the wind. That's what Soft Peony smells like. A must-have fragrance for all florists and brides to be, this candle contains warming notes of oud wood, vanilla flower and a hint of misty musk.

3. Peach Bellini

Reminiscent of Giuseppe Cipriani's Bellini, which was first created in Venice, Italy between 1934 and 1948, Peach Bellini's iconic glass oval jar is filled to the brim with a fragrant peach blend. Complimented by citrus notes of mandarin rinds and grapefruit zest, this brunch classic is the perfect addition to your Sunday morning hangout with the girls. Cheers! 

This brings our three-part springtime release to a close. The prolonged debuts of this collection have been a real treat for all of us at Colonial Candle. We've enjoyed asking our candle fans about their favorite retired fragrances, reading why these scents are so loved and, especially, watching our followers on social media trying to guess which candle was coming out next!

Which spring throwback release has been your favorite? 


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