For years, Colonial Candle has released a variety of limited edition spring fragrances that have been adored by our fans. Many of these candles have made it into our core collection, but others have been discontinued. Throughout the years, there has been an outcry from our fellow fragrance fanatics to bring them back, so with our fans as our inspiration, we've been resurrecting our most beloved spring classics. Last month, we brought back Sweet Iced Tea, Pure Ocean Breeze and Juicy Watermelon - and now we're back for another round of spring releases!

The next three throwback fragrances are Denim & Lace, Rainshowers and Limeade. These scents are scheduled to be released on Tuesday, February 5th.

1. Denim & Lace

You know that wonderful feeling of your favorite pair of jeans, folded and freshly laundered? Well, we've bottled it. A harmonious blend of clean and calming florals, nuzzly musk, soft denim and delicately detailed lace evokes the comfortable simplicity of your favorite spring outfit. With an added splash of orange, peach and dewy pear, this scented candle is perfect for a warm spring day!

2. Rainshowers

Imagine the fresh, dewy smell after a warm, stormy night. That's what we've created with Rainshowers! This herbaceous, earthy scent combines a slightly floral fragrance with a touch of leather. If you're looking for a pure and natural candle... Rainshowers cleans everything it touches.


3. Limeade

Squeeze this zesty fragrance right into your shopping cart! Bright, tart and refreshing, Limeade is a sparkling burst of freshly sliced limes blended with the organic, green notes of herb and agave nectar. With the scents of sugared mint, lime zest and tangerine peel, this spring candle is a refreshing citrus treat! 

Our second spring release contains soft denim, zesty citruses and clean, earthy fragrances. These three refreshingly classic scents are sure to bring warmth and serenity into your home. 

There are still three more candles that we haven't released yet. Leave a comment below or on our social media to guess which ones are left! 


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Colonial Candle said:

Hi Liz! Stay tuned for a final spring fragrance release, debuting March 7th. You might get lucky!

Liz Vernon said:

Please, please Soft Peony

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