As the sun gets warmer, colors get brighter and moods are lifted. Summer gives you the opportunity to try new things and travel to new places with a carefree, relaxed perspective. The Wick Candle Collection will not only add color to your summer, but it will also challenge you to try something new! Share your Wick inspired summer color challenges with us on social by tagging #WickSummerColorChallenge. 

Summer Color Challenge 1

The Plum Berry wooden wick candle evokes the sweet, fruity scents of a ripe vineyard. This candle’s fresh scent and deep red color challenges you to take a trip to your local vineyard or farm for wine tasting or berry picking. Summer season brings an abundance of fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and more! Everyone loves bringing home the fresh handpicked produce to share with friends and family, not to mention it’s a great way to take advantage of a beautiful summer day in a completely new way. You will discover the true sights and scents in this authentic Plum Berry scent for your home. 

Summer Color Challenge 2

Outdoor summer activities sometimes distract you from making time to treat yourself indoors. The Vanilla Cedarwood wooden wick candle, brings you back to a calm state with sweet vanilla and woodsy, crisp cedar scents. This clean scent challenges you to rest and relax with a spa day. Whether you get crafty with friends and family to make homemade face masks, or take a trip to your nearest spa, the Vanilla Cedarwood scent invites you to spend a day filled with self-care. 

Summer Color Challenge 3

The Starfruit and Coconut Water wooden wick candle is sure to add a sweet, cool scent to your space and leave behind a carefree attitude. This ocean blue summer scent challenges you to try something new on the water whether that means taking a surfing lesson, renting a paddle board, or even just floating amongst the waves. This time of year is ideal for water activities, especially after a hot beach day. The refreshing Starfruit and Coconut Water candle brings uniquely blended scents to inspire new ways of cooling down.

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