Choosing Your Bridesmaids

The first step in planning a wedding after the big proposal is deciding who you want standing by your side when you say “I Do.” A statistical study, found that the average American bride has 4.39 bridesmaids.

It’s a tough decision to make when considering the length of time someone has known you and the depth of the relationships with the ladies in your life. You want to think about someone that is not only a trusted friend, but who is also willing to put in the work to plan and prepare for your big day. Your bridesmaids’ lifestyle must also be taken into consideration – if she just had a baby, lost her job, or lives across the country those might all be reasons why she can’t commit to planning your wedding.


Popping the Question

We have put together some gift basket ideas to help pop the question to your lucky ladies. Our Colonial Luxe Candle Collection is made for weddings and other classy occasions. The collection includes eleven unique colors and scent variations. Our candles can be used across several different bridesmaids proposals. The colors and scents can correspond with other things you choose to include in their package.


For the Pretty-In-Pink Bridesmaid

We all have that girlfriend who loves all things pink, sparkly and glamorous. This bridesmaid proposal package is sure spark joy in your bestie when she opens it. Our Peony Blooms candle is in a glossy pink jar with golden detailing. The scent is a culmination of pink peony, rose, amber, iris and jasmine for any girls night out, movie and wine night, or solo bubble bath. Package this scent with a rosé wine, pink bath salts, fresh peony flowers, pink nail polish and macaroons to deliver the perfect proposal.


For the Yogi Bridesmaid

Namasté by my side during wedding planning? Your bridesmaid will adore your thoughtfulness in planning a proposal gift she will use forever. Our Lavender Mint candle from the Colonial Luxe Collection adds peace and tranquility to any yoga practice with calming lavender and mint scents putting you in the middle of a garden during springtime. Make sure to include a new monogrammed yoga mat, sports bra and matching water bottle so your friend knows you’re committed to her passion just like she will be to your wedding.


For the Sugar-Craving Bridesmaid

Send a sweet surprise proposal to your bestie using treats that will make her day. Our Sweet Melon candle, dives deep into the tropics with a combination of juicy mango, sweet papaya, and sugared tamarind. Throw in all her favorite sweet treats, lotions, face masks, mini champagne and fresh flowers to complete the gift package.


For the Beach Bum Bridesmaid

This bridesmaid lives by the sun, breathes salty air and leaves a trail of sunscreen scents wherever she goes. Our Water Cyrpress candle ties this entire beach bridesmaid proposal together. With scents of citron fresh aldehydes, rich lush green and hints of crisp linen over translucent musk – she will feel like she is right by the water. Get her some trendy sunglasses, flip-flops, a monogrammed bag and towel.

No matter how many bridesmaids you end up choosing, we have a Colonial Luxe Collection candle that pairs with items unique to your girlfriends’ personalities. Personalizing your proposal to them will show that you took time, effort and consideration into choosing the girls that will stand by your side during planning, the day of the wedding and throughout your marriage.


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