Crisp Pear & Basil Picnic in The Park

The summer heat is sure to stir up quite an appetite, but it is often a challenge deciding what to make with fresh seasonal ingredients. The Wick Candle Collection is featuring one of our favorite summer candles to inspire some recipe ideas with two perfectly paired ingredients – Crisp Pear & Basil. The scents of sweet crisp pear and the savory, peppery aroma of basil makes for a tasty choice to fill your home and appetite. 

Whether you’re going on a date at the beach, hosting an outdoor get-together with your friends, or having a family movie night at home, the Crisp Pear & Basil candle ingredients are going to create everyone’s new favorite pizza recipe. You can get creative with ingredients you choose, but our perfect pairing would be fresh mozzarella, with thinly slice pears, chopped basil and the addition of prosciutto and parmesan to top it off. Wick’s Crisp Pear & Basil candle create the same perfectly balanced sweet and savory combination. 


Not all of us love cooking, but that doesn’t mean we can’t surprise our guests with some summer snacking options. It’s no surprise the
Crisp Pear & Basil candle summer ingredients are back to balance the sweet and savory cravings that this cheese platter brings. These snacking trays are perfect for a summer picnic in the park or a cocktail party. Head to the market and pick out some of your favorite cheese and crackers, fresh basil and rosemary, and sweet fruits like pears and grapes to bring this tray to life. Your guests will love that you gave them so many delicious options to choose from – the best part is it’s mess free!  


Just as the
Crisp Pear & Basil brings candle scent invigorates your senses, this pear and basil smoothie will start fulfilling your sweet tooth in a healthy way. This smoothie can be made with your milk or juice of choice, a frozen banana, one pear, five fresh basil leaves, an avocado, handful of spinach and a splash of lime juice. The fresh taste will rejuvenate you and serve as a treat that is completely guilt free.  Add it to your morning, nightly or midday routine to get all the healthy nutrients you need to stay energized!






*DISCLAIMER: These recipes ideas may not be for everybody, they are purely sources of inspiration and you may substitute ingredients to your liking* 

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