Mother's Day is fast approaching and, along with it, the yearly panic of trying to find a present for mom's special day. So, we've rounded up some great gift ideas for every type of mama.  


1. For the Super-stressed Superhero Mom:

Having to juggle a full-time job in addition to family-life is not easy. Time for pampering and relaxation is such a rarity, an appointment at a local spa is probably pretty close heaven for the working mom. But if a Day Spa is bit out of your price range you can also do your own DIY spa at home. Sometimes all you need is a glass of champagne (or a Fine Merlot), a bubble bath and a few candles for a bit of mood lighting. A sea of unscented votives and tealights are always great for creating the perfect mood - and with our limited edition Zen Collection, your mom will be feeling ultra-relaxed in no time.

 2. For the Crafty DIY Lover: 

She probably never wore that plastic beaded necklace you made her when you were five, but handmade gifts are always appreciated by mom - especially if they're actually usable. With this unique reusable jar, your mom will be reminded of how much she means to you every time she uses it.

These super chic vessels are incredibly versatile. From a beachy picture frame to an organic spice rack, they can be used for just about everything. 

3. For the Plant-loving Treehugger: 

Another way to reuse empty candle containers is to turn them into lovely planters. After all, what mother doesn't gush over the sight of a bouquet of flowers? Amanda, Colonial Candle's boss-lady and full-time mother, loves to recycle candle vessels to hold her extensive plant collection. She's got fresh, organic spices in oval jars and super cute succulents in ceramic vessels.  

*Bonus points for recycling.

4. For the Unstoppable Shopaholic:

Have you ever met a mother who doesn't like to shop? Gift cards are such a phenomenal Mother's Day present and you don't have to worry about accidentally purchasing mom a gift (or a fragrance) they don't like.  

Hopefully, this list sparks some much needed Mother's Day inspiration. Or if you're the mama of the house, feel free to subtly share this post onto your family members' social media accounts.  

**Don't forget, all 22oz candles are Buy One Get One Free until Mother's Day!

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