Ozonic candles bring a fresh feeling to your home with gentle scents that are clean and aquatic. They’re perfect for those who prefer a subtle fragrance and always complement spaces with ease. Light and easy to enjoy, ozonics are the perfect all-day fragrance.  

How can you benefit from our ozonic products? Ozonics transform your home into a clean and welcoming environment with non-polarizing scents that are easy for everyone to love. They are gender-neutral and carry fresh notes that fit well in any home. Plus, their clean scents enhance the feeling of a spa-like environment when used in bathrooms or wherever you like to relax.  


Want to learn more about ozonics? Discover more about our top selling ozonic scents for some inspiration: 


Last Call 

Warm and inviting, the Last Call Candle from our Manly Indulgence Classic Collection is the perfect living room candle fit for welcoming guests into your home. A fresh blend of vetiver, oakmoss, and musk creates a gender-neutral fragrance every family member will enjoy.  


Cozy Cashmere  

Like a cozy blanket, ozonic candles fit well in every home. The Cozy Cashmere Candle has a crisp and soothing fragrance that combines bergamot, orange, and vanilla to create a relaxing environment 


Ivy League

Clean and refined, the Ivy League candle from the Manly Indulgence Classic Collection has classic herbal notes that elevate your space. This raw, fresh fragrance expresses your personal style with soft notes of thyme and citrusOzonics can blend with citrus and florals to boost the cleansing effect of the fragrance and make it more personal to you.  


Bamboo Waters 

Ozonic candles are inspired by sea elements with a twist. Create a spa-like environment with the Bamboo Waters Candle from the Manly Indulgence Signature CollectionThis candle offers a calming connection to nature that cleanses your space with woodsy and earthy notes inspired by a fine men’s fragrance.  


Harbor Mist 

This candle is perfect for bringing the feeling of an ocean breeze to your space. Like the salty morning mist, it holds hints of sweetness and is airy and light. Refreshing and irresistible, this fresh scent is filled with juicy sliced pears, warm musk and fresh summer florals.  


Sea Salt & Ginger  

Light, beautiful, and never overwhelming, the Sea Salt & Ginger Candle from the Manly Indulgence Signature Collection brightens any space. A sweet mood lifter, the fruity notes with zesty sea salt and spiced ginger create a feel-good candle the whole family will love. Plus- this candle’s wooden wick adds a touch of elegance that sparks joy! 


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