M. Baker’s candles inspire creativity through unique scent combinations. Our different candle scents can be used to put together DIY floral arrangements. Something as simple as having flowers in your home can reduce stress, boost your mood, bolster your relationships, boost your memory, help you sleep and increase your creativity.

How-To Create a Floral Arrangement

Gather a decorative vase, shears and flowers of choice. Look to pair complementary colors and varieties as well as adding greenery to give the arrangement more texture. Cutting the stems at an angle about an inch from the bottom and removing any leaves will help absorb the most water. You add the largest flowers first and work in a circle to make sure that the arrangement is symmetrical. Here are some of our candle inspired arrangement additions:






Rosehips and Hydrangea


Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home with Flowers


Most people spend most of their time in their kitchen, cooking, entertaining or spending time with family. This is the perfect place to put flowers to start and end everyone’s day with something beautiful and sweet-scented. White hydrangeas, inspired by the M. Baker Rosehips and Hydrangea collection candle, fit in this location perfectly. They compliment countertops and keep everything looking clean. You can add in some pink and green accents to brighten up the bouquet even more and arrange some green limes in a bowl to bring out the summer aura.


Coffee or Side Tables

Family and living rooms offer a great opportunity to add flower arrangements to help brighten up a room and diversify your decorating. The family room can start to feel musty and smelly after kids and visitors lounge around for extended periods. Jasmine and Rosemary, inspired by the M.Baker Rosemary and Ivy collection candle, are the perfect arrangement addition to peonies and will flood your family room with fresh scents.


Dining Room Table Centerpiece

Depending on the type of party you’re having different flower arrangements and pots can help deliver the message. A crusty vintage bucket with tulips and cotton blossoms, inspired by M.Baker’s Cotton Blossom candle, can communicate a farm style, or offer an apothecary appeal for your dining table. Adding the M.Baker candle from our newest collection could further support your dining table with scents of heliotrope flower and purple blossoms, sheer white musk blends and dainty linen.

No matter where you decide to position your flower and candle decor – M.Baker’s collection is here to make interior decorating easier. Your guests and family will always look forward to coming to your home.


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