M. Baker Fragrance of the Month: Black Tea Flora

Congrats to Black Tea Flora for becoming M. Baker’s Fragrance of the Month for September! 

The aroma of bitter black tea and sweet rose petals, with notes of patchouli, is made even more magical with tart red berries and juicy pomegranate. The Black Tea Flora blend is the ultimate autumn aroma. 

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September, as the sun begins to set earlier and the air begins to get crisp and cool, is less about outdoor summer fun and more about cozy indoor moments - like finding a comfy nook to enjoy a hot tea and a good book. 

Although many people associate tea with Great Britain, tea actually dates back over 5,000 years to ancient China. As legend has it, it was invented when leaves from a wild tea tree fell into Emperor Shen Nung’s boiling pot of water in his garde, and the enchanting smell of his serendipitous brew compelled him to drink some. 

Like any historic beverage, tea has different trends throughout time. Matcha green tea has increased in popularity every year by creating flavor fusions such as lavender matcha, chai matcha, and chocolate matcha, to name a few. There is no end in sight for the matcha mania. There are even shops opening just to serve matcha tea.

More tea brewing trends include nitro tea, cold brew tea, and cheese tea. Nitro tea is infused with nitrogen gas by a slow process that carefully delivers smooth and subtle notes. Cold-brew tea is simply steeping tea in cold or room temperature water, instead of hot water, for an extended amount of time. And finally, cheese tea has cream cheese and condensed milk whisked together to form a frothy top. Cheese tea is usually sweet with a savory finish. And as you might have guessed, there’s also a matcha cheese tea.

So, grab a traditional or exotic cup of tea and a good book and light our Black Tea Flora candle to celebrate the quiet moments of autumn. 

Black Tea Flora M Baker Candle


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