Edith Wharton once said, “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” On June 13th, National Random Acts of Light Day encourages people to bring light out of the darkness of cancer by demonstrating random acts of kindness. Whether it’s cooking dinner for a friend, bringing your co-worker their favorite coffee, or getting your roommate flowers, this day is dedicated to make someone’s day a little brighter. The National holiday is shared across social spreading the #RandomActsofLightDay movement.


Mabel Baker Lights the Way

As the first woman to start a historic candle company, Mabel Baker held an active role in her community – a model of female empowerment, entrepreneurship, American ingenuity, and pride. Originally, she was making candles in her tiny kitchen for family gifts, which evolved into her own store. This small business grew when a large department store in Boston purchased a yearly supply of the Colonial Candle tapers – a best-seller to this day. She illuminated the voices of women during a time where many weren’t heard and gave them an opportunity to work in her candle shop. Her candles are produced to this day to remind us to honor women in history and inspire the women of the future.


Inspiring Women

We have had women to look up to our whole lives in the media, books or even in our personal day-to-day lives. Today is a day to shed light on those women in our lives who have inspired us to accomplish our dreams fearlessly. Women empowering other women has been a trend that continues to grow with female-owned businesses, women’s marches and equalizing of wages and respect in the corporate world. From Anne Frank, Mother Teresa, Princess Diana and Michelle Obama to our mothers, teachers, co-workers and friends. Give back to those women by posting a photo and tagging #RandomActsofLightDay and #LightTheWay.

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