M.Baker’s candle collection is the perfect way to travel to your favorite summer destination without even leaving the house. This eclectic range of scents gives you the opportunity to have the summer vacation you were hoping for and even more, all from the comfort of your own home. 


The Tobacco + Cardamom candle brings the mystery, warmth and spice of Morocco to your space. Beyond the camel treks across the Sahara Desert and beneath the Atlas Mountains, you find the heart of Morocco’s cities. Scents of honeyed tobacco and ginger with the spice of black pepper fill the air as you walk through the medinas, Morocco’s historic city markets. This scent will make you want to get lost in the maze of fragrant foods, sights and culture of Morocco. 



The Sweet Sandalwood candle scent takes you across the Atlantic Ocean to island time in Madagascar. This trip takes you away from the tourists and big attractions to a relaxing beach resort where you can explore the waterfalls and vanilla plantations. The Sweet Sandalwood candle scents bring this heartwarming destination home with blends of sugar and warm vanilla with spice and rich sandalwood notes. A scent so authentic it’s as if you’re journeying through the blooming Madagascar plantations beside captivating wildlife. 


The Driftwood and Sage candle transports you to Cape Cod, where the M. Baker candle collection finds its roots. Cape Cod’s shores bring a range of outdoor activities, historic sights, and fresh scents to create the perfect summer vacation itinerary. Our Driftwood and Sage candle is reminiscent of the aroma of beautiful beaches with salty driftwood wrapped in aromatic sage added with aquatic wood accords and a hint of lavender. This candle will make you drift away beyond the sandy beaches and billowing seagrass into total serenity. You will see why this place inspired Mabel Baker to create her beautiful candles, a legacy that will last for years to come!

No matter where you expected this summer to take you, our M.Baker’s candle collection has a scent for every destination you’ve dreamed of visiting.


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