Deep in the dense, evergreen and picturesque villages of southwest Germany, lies an underground community of shared wealth and knowledge. This is the ancestral home of Jerome, the Colonial Candle Gnome, whose decendents migrated to America centuries ago. Jerome, like many gnomes, is a guardian of golden treasure and great wisdom. 

Along with his many talents, the Colonial Candle Gnome spreads holiday cheer with his adorable golden hat and woodsy scent notes. Filled with the nuances of his ancestral homeland, the Black Forest, this fragrance is a blend of two Colonial Candle favorites: Winter Woods and Holiday Sparkle. When you light this scented candle, your home will be filled with the mystical, magical scents of black birch and balsam. 

Jerome is on a holiday journey that will take him to Cape Cod just in time for New Year’s Eve. The Colonial Candle Gnome was friends with our founder, Mabel Baker, and he was known to spend the holidays with her on the Cape. 

Follow his journey back to visit Mabel Baker’s original candle factory!

Let’s see where his adventures take him! Tag us on your social media and use the hashtag #JeromeTheGnome so we can follow your journey with him, too!


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Jackie said:

Hi! I have been looking for this gnome candle as a replacement for the one I have because the hat was broken. If you know where I can get one please contact me via email. Thanks!

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