There’s an art in making your home ready to welcome guests. When you want the best of elements to surround the house, the lighting and scents matter the most. When you find yourself hosting guests more and more, let scented candles play a prime, and sometimes understated, part of your décor.

The Dining Table

All the special occasion meals prepared, laid out on the dining table in your fine dinnerware – the spread could always do with some decoration! Light up pillar and taper candles as the centerpiece. If it’s a round or rectangular table, line the candles length down the middle. This sets an intimate mood while dining, and the lighting is enhanced aesthetically. Choose your candle holders and candelabras to suit your interiors and your lights. Tall taper candles of singular color or of two complementing colors look great at a dinner setting.

The Living Room

The space where the guests will be hanging out the most, the living room holds a lot of potential for décor. Place scented jar candles on side or corner tables to bring a fresh aura to the space. If you have a mantle, pillar candles or jar candles on the mantle upgrade the ambience effortlessly. Choose scents that are light and subtle so as not to take the attention away from the conversations or gourmet food.

The Bathroom

Like most hosts, if you are extra concerned about the bathroom the guests will use, a candle or two may reassure you. Fragranced candles with pleasant floral or citrus scents suit best in a bathroom. If floral is not your style, woody and musky fragrances also work well with the bathroom ambience. A scented jar candle lit on the basin platform adds elegance with its looks and light while introducing a lovely smell to the space. Depending on what your décor calls for, wax melts in oil warmers are also a good flameless addition to the bathroom

The Entrance

Right by the front door, in the entryway, is a place most commonly forgotten. It’s a great way to welcome guests as a lovely fragrance greets them as they enter. Choose a subtle fragrance, maybe something woody or fresh to light here. The fragrance from the decorative jar candle fills the space with a refreshing mood that will accompany both your hellos and goodbyes.

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