The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is finally here and along with the madness of the season comes the desperate rush of having to find a hundred different presents for your loved ones. While we might not be able to help you find the hottest gadget on the market, Colonial Candle is a one stop shop for finding the perfect scent for the candle lover in your life.

Here are our three limited-edition holiday collections for you to choose from. 

Holiday Stars, Holiday Wreath, and Shimmering Winter Collections 

These holiday themed collections by Colonial Candle have ten fragrances that will take you down memory lane. From the scent of freshly fallen snow on pine to the sweet warmth of mint cocoa, these scents will keep you wanting more. Each candle has been carefully crafted from smooth burning wax and each fragrance comes in a variety of colors and formats.

Holiday Stars Collection

Yuletide Carol 

Bring in a change of season with winter fruits and flowers blended with red currant, apples, chrysanthemum, and sugar. With a final touch of vanilla and soft musk, Yuletide Carol will fill your home with the classic scents of the Christmas season.

Vanilla & Bourbon 

Placed in a clear glass jar, this scented candle features fragrance notes of coconut milk blended with buttered rum and dark jasmine. Finally, rich bourbon and vanilla are wrapped into sandalwood and white musk to complete this delicious fragrance.

    Balsam & Fir 

    Bring a holiday classic into your home with the fresh scents of pine leaves and rosemary. Blended with notes of balsam, rich amber, and black birch, this candle smells just like a freshly picked Christmas tree without all the mess. 

    Cinnamon Chai 

    This deliciously sweet scent begins with notes of Saigon vanilla, lemon zest, and salted caramel. For a mouth-watering finishing touch, a decadent blend of vanilla icing is folded into freshly kneaded dough.

    Each Holiday Stars fragrance is available in three different formats: three-wick 14.5oz jar, two-wick 18oz jarwax melts

    Holiday Wreath Collection

    Sparkling Cranberry

    With a fruity, yet festive aroma of red currant, juicy apple, and plum blossom, this sparkling fragrance is carefully blended into a decadent background of vanilla bean and spun sugar.

    Nordic Pine

    This candle is the heart of the holiday spirit with the true scent of a Christmas tree. A captivating blend of pine needles, balsam sap, cedar leaf, and clary sage are added to notes of black birch and dark moss for a hint of depth and mystery.

    Mint Cocoa 

    There's nothing like coming home to a warm cup of cocoa. With a fragrance blend of sweet peppermint infused in a dark cocoa and creamy vanilla milk, this smell is decadent and cozy. For a finishing touch, a final note of whipped cream tops this nostalgic scented candle.

    Each Holiday Wreath fragrance is available in three different formats: three-wick 14.5oz jar, two-wick 18oz jarwax melts

    Shimmering Winter Collection

    Emerald Fir

    Transform your home into an enchanted winter forest. With earthy fragrances of pine needles and balsam sap, Emerald Fir has the rich aroma of amber, dark moss, and black birch, giving a new fragrance depth to your home.

    Home for the Holidays

    Capture the magic of the holiday season with notes of apple and zesty mandarin mixed with heart of peony and freesia petals. An added swirl of melted caramel and whipped vanilla allows your senses to escape to a warm holiday celebration.

    Snow Day

    The indescribable fragrance of freshly fallen snow has finally been captured. Snow Day takes the frosty scent notes of winter amber and sun washed silk and wraps them in spun sugar. Finally, the mystical undertones of musk, pure coconut, and vanilla noir are stirred into this incredibly unique scented candle.

    Each Shimmering Winter fragrance is available in a three-wick 14.5oz jar.


    The scent of Christmas wafting through the living room, the crackle of a wood burning in the fireplace, and the comforting, candlelit atmosphere of friends and family are perfect ways to get into the holiday spirit.

    Which Colonial Candle puts you into the holiday spirit?


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