The Manly Indulgence candle collection is for those who like to spend the summer outdoors. This week we are featuring our woodsy hiking scents that bring the same satisfaction as reaching the top of the treacherous mountain hike. 


The Woodland Escape candle is just the hiking getaway you need, evoking a fragrance of refreshing mint blended with Siberian pine, cypress and tundra wood. This is for the confident hiker that knows the trails like the back of their hand. Our Woodland Escape candle’s crackling wooden wick and lively scent combination gives you the chance to escape the everyday and embark upon a new adventure.  

Not every summer hike needs to be strenuous. The Black Pine and Oak Moss candle reminds us that sometimes a nature stroll is just what we need in order to relax and connect. The whole family could benefit from trading the harsh sun for the cool shade that pine trees offer. The Black Pine and Oak Moss candle scent captures an aroma of rustic black pines and oak moss with hints of vanilla, gourmand, and mint. You’ll appreciate coming home to a space with fresh, clean scents after a walk through the forest. 


Vintage Oak will remind you of a hiking day you wish would never end – breath in the scent of warm bergamot and rustic oak with a hint of lemon will truly bring this summer day to life. The Mighty Oak tree is symbolic of the strength needed to make it through a long hike in the summer heat. You may even decide to pitch a tent and camp out under the beautiful oak tree arches. Unwind with the crackling sound of the wooden wick of Vintage Oak


 Whether you’re the solo hiker, shady long walker, or camper – the Manly Indulgence candle collection is here to make your summer hike decision easier and more enjoyable. 

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