For a child, there is nothing worse than trick-or-treating at a house without Halloween decorations. Even a few fake cobwebs draped across the bushes in the front yard or a couple of carved pumpkins lining the steps to the front door is better than nothing. With the pending onslaught of costume-clad children this Halloween, it's time to allow your inner craftiness run free and your creativity come to life. 

Here are a few DIY Halloween decoration ideas that are sure to *spook* up your house in no time:  

1. Dress Up Empty Jars

For a simple DIY project, take one recycled Colonial Candle 8oz oval jar and spray paint the outside orange. Using black craft paper, cut out two eyes and a mouth for a super cute and easy to do Jack-o'-lantern.


Image via Women's Day 

2. A Cobweb Covered Mantle 

Drape a few sheets of fake cobweb over your mantle decorations. Then, throw in a couple of fake spiders, black lanterns and handipt taper candles for a finishing touch to your spooky yet classy mantlepiece. 

Image via Town and Country Magazine

3. Mini Pumpkin Tealights

Visit your local pumpkin patch to collect a colorful variety of mini pumpkins. Carve a hole into the top of the gourd, scoop out the guts, pop in an unscented tealight and let your pumpkin shine! 

*To eliminate the mess of pumpkin carving, try drawing a goofy grin on your jack-o'-lantern with a permanent marker. 

4. Halloween Table Masterpiece

Add a bit of moody elegance to your dining room table with a mix of orange and black taper and pillar candles. Bring the tablescape together with a sprinkle of colorful foliage and a few pumpkins for some rustic charm. 

5. Deliciously Spooky Scented Candles

Spotlight on Colonial Candle's bestselling collection of 2018: the Cobweb Collection. Graveyard Fog and Jack O' Lantern are sure to bring the haunted spirit of Old Hallow's Eve into your home - and they've been marked down just in time for Halloween!

Graveyard Fog is Halloween in a jar! Give all the little ghosts and goblins a delightful treat with this spooktacular fragrance blend of licorice, sweet vanilla and citrus.

Jack O' Lantern will bring the candy-loving, trick-or-treaters running to your front door. The warm aroma of inviting spices and freshly carved pumpkin is mixed with the yummy sweetness of vanilla, maple, and pecan brown sugar.

Both Cobweb Collection fragrances come in two different formats: a three-wick 14.5 ounce jar and wax melts


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