Express love this Valentine’s Day with the fragrances and candles that fit the occasion best. Red hearts, flowers and chocolate are the perfect way to complement the romance in the air this month.

We thought we would help you out with a few of our Valentine candle suggestions that will surprise you in celebrating love.

Peony Blooms – Colonial Luxe

This candle has floral notes like rose and violet accompanied by suede and woody scents. Peony Blooms, with the pretty pink wax, exudes a fresh fragrance reminiscent of romantic times.

Autumn Leaves – Everyday Luxe

No season is as fresh and cozy as the Fall. Relive the cuddly days of fall months with the autumnal blend of fragrances of apple, juniper, mountain hay and cedar that Autumn Leaves spreads.

Rosehips & Hydrangea

A classic Valentine scent in our M. Baker collection. Rosehips & Hydrangea is made using pure essential oils gathered from natural botanicals to deliver the most authentic and aromatic fragrance possible. The combination results in a sweet, romantic scent.

Golden Amber – Pop of Color

A unique blend of warm amber, rich honey, and bourbon, Golden Amber is perfect for a fun date night in with your loved one. Put on a seasonal rom-com and cook a special dinner together to this scent.

Ocean Breeze Oval Jar

We know some of the most romantic spots in the world are beaches. We’re sure you’ve had some great times with your loved one at your favorite beach. Light an Ocean Breeze and travel back in time to that special vacation that brings back the smell of greenery, woods and musk that are reminiscent of the salt-in-the-air weather.

Pink Cherry Blossom Oval Jar

Another pink candle to set the romantic mood! Light a Pink Cherry Blossom and it will surprise you with a subtly mingled fragrance of flowers, woods, fruits and the fresh outdoors.

Cranberry Red and White Taper Candles

In addition to the fragrance of your choice, add subtle lighting to set the dining table and the bedroom with our Cranberry Red and White tapers. The two colors balance the passion and simplicity of your love.

Have a great Valentine’s Day!

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