Fall is the most popular times of the year to get hitched - and with good reason. Unlike the traditional May wedding, you don’t have to worry about the blazing heat or yellow pollen covering every inch of your outdoor setup. Instead, you get the picturesque background of multicolored trees and slightly crisp temperatures.

With nature’s foliage as part of your décor, there is one specific trend that comes to mind. The everlasting rustic trend is the perfect complement to the autumn season. Whether you’re swapping rings in the country or having a casual reception in the city, rustic is hands down the way to go.

The key to achieving a flawless, rustic wedding feel is in the details. It’s especially perfect for those who don’t want to break the bank. Rustic décor is littered with earthy and countryside accessories, from wine barrels to tealights in mason jars.

If you’re going for a chic-rustic feel, start with ornate candelabras and our taper candles. Tapers are great when you’re needing a touch of elegance, but they also bring an intimate, vintage-feeling to the atmosphere of an event.

If you’re leaning towards something simpler, tealights and votives are the way to go. Set a few votives with a small bouquet of wildflowers on top a tree stump and – Viola! – simple, but cute. Bringing nature indoors is hugely popular right now and it really compliments the rustic trend.

Even better, combine elegant and simple to achieve the best of both worlds! Rustic décor is incredibly versatile – mixing and matching is your friend here.

So be adventurous. Be bold with your ideas. Celebrate the unpretentious roots and natural warmth of country living to achieve the perfect rustic wedding. 


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Marcie Thayer said:

Are votive candles available? I like vanilla.

Marcie L Thayer said:

I would like to order vanilla votives. Please explain how I can – colonial candles.

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