Who is Your Dad?

Our Manly Indulgence Collection of candles fit the personalities of each type of dad: 






For the Dad Who Is a Social Elite

If your dad is sleek, sophisticated and wildly charming with friends and family, the Black Tuxedo candle dresses him up without having to try. Whether getting ready for an event or winding down afterwards, the scents of white musk, lavender and cedarwood will make him feel classy anytime of the day. SHOP THE FATHER'S DAY SALE >

For the Clean Cut and Organized Dad

Some of us have the dad that makes sure all his shirts are ironed, books are alphabetized, and desk is cleaned off. Our Fresh Shave candle is for the gentlemen who like to have their life clean and put together. A scent of musk, vanilla, amber and cedarwood reminds him of what having life in balance means – making him proud to be the way he is. SHOP THE FATHER'S DAY SALE>

For the Rugged Outdoorsy Dad

The 5 O’Clock Shadow manly candle is made for the dad who enjoys hiking, fishing, boating, swimming, biking, running or just about anything else under the sun. The scent of oakmoss, musk and fresh fir create an outdoor experience in the office, kitchen, study or bedroom. SHOP THE FATHER'S DAY SALE>


For the Dad Who Loves to Entertain

The best addition to any party or cocktail hour your dad has is the Bachelor Pad candle. Filling the room with intrigue and mystery of how he continues to be the best host. His visitors will never forget the scent bergamot, oakmoss and geranium as well as the company. SHOP THE FATHER'S DAY SALE>

For the Stylish Dad

From the office, to the country club, to family dinners or nights on the town – your dad has practically defined “dress to impress.” He never fails to be styled from head to toe for each occasion. If you respect this quality in your dad, then the Suit & Tie candle would be just what he needs for Father’s Day because we both know a stylish dad will pick out clothes for himself. Help him turn even more heads with the scent of jasmine, sandalwood and sugary musk drifting from his room. SHOP THE FATHER'S DAY SALE>


Show your dad how well you know them by getting them a premium soy candle that fits their personality. He will have this sentiment forever and remember how you considered every detail that defined him as dad. SHOP ENTIRE SALE COLLECTION>


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