Of the four seasons, summer is often everyone's favorite - the sun shines brighter, the fruit gets sweeter, and weekends become outdoor mini-vacations. Our collection of M.Baker candles bring you classic scents of summer, combining all the things you cherish about this season into fragrances that will make your summer memorable. 

Citron Honey

From sweet tea to fresh squeezed lemonade stands, there’s nothing like the scent of lemons in the summer.  The M.Baker Citron Honey candle is perfect for warm afternoons spent by the backyard pool with fresh fruit and a summer read. Sweet, gentle fragrances of white tea leaves are complemented with lemon wedges and honey – truly the essence of a relaxing summer Saturday.



Blackberry Briar

Fresh berries are a timeless summer trademark. From shopping at a local farmer’s markets and berry picking to ice-cold smoothies and picnics, berries announce that summertime has arrived. Our Blackberry Briar candle’s rich scent of heritage blackberries balanced with damask plums and citrus will put you in the spirit of this carefree season. 



 Driftwood + Sage

For many, “summer” translates to toes in the sand, sun-kissed skin, salt water mists and long boardwalk walks. The beach has become the go-to summer destination and our Driftwood + Sage candle sums up everything you love about the beach in this summer scent. Salty driftwood wrapped in aromatic sage and aquatic wood accords allows you drift away to the beach anytime you want. 



 Rosehips and Hydrangea 

Summer is a season of blooming – all of your favorite flowers are finally ready to be clipped to adorn your home or office. Vibrant blue, pink and white hydrangea bushes line the neighborhood cul-de-sac filled with bike riders, sidewalk chalk, and sprinklers. Our Rosehips and Hydrangea candle transports you to this picture-perfect summer moment. Dried rosehips blended with a fresh bouquet of hydrangeas and cassis linger, leaving behind a gentle, floral aroma.


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