Is “the joy of cooking” a phrase you can’t relate with? Or are you the amateur chef who’d choose to spend over half your waking hours in the kitchen? For both parties, and everyone in between, there’s a way to make the time you spend in your kitchen more delightful. We have a list of scented candles that we love lighting in the kitchen.

Cinnamon Bark by M. Baker

The refreshing fragrance that is both sweet and spicy at the same time bringing the inspiration to cook. The scent of cinnamon bark along with the citrusy note of sliced orange peel bring magic to your kitchen. Light this jar candle when you’ve already had a long day and are in want of some energy to whip up something tasty.

Grapefruit Classis by Pop of Color

The subtle fragrance of the Grapefruit Classis wafting about in your kitchen gives you the stress-free atmosphere you’re looking for when you want to cook a big meal. Try this 3-wick candle to fill your kitchen with its ruby grapefruit, cassis berries and blackcurrant scents.

Cranberry Tart by Colonial Luxe

The thought of making desserts makes many of us a tad bit nervous, especially if it involves baking! Light a Cranberry Tart to instill in yourself some confidence and the joy that only the smell of desserts can bring. The fruity scents of tart cranberry, apple, peach and raspberry, the floral scents of violet and rose, and the natural scents of sugarcane, vanilla and green foliage mix to fill the baking afternoon.

Farmers Market by Everyday Luxe

A memorable fragrance, the Farmers Market brings with it a sense of nostalgia. The mingling scents of various fruits and wood remind you of the weekends spent in the countryside. Fill your kitchen with notes of Meyer lemon, dewy pear, juniper leaf, sparkling fig slices, white muguet, Atlantic cedarwood, sandalwood, and warm musk.

Citron Honey by M. Baker

Another refreshing fragrance, this time citrus and sweet. The Citron Honey fragrance candle is a reminder of pleasant evenings of drinking your favorite green tea in peace. Light this candle for a relaxed evening of simple cooking, surrounded by the sweet gentle fragrances of white tea leaves with lemon wedges and honey.

Cranberry Cosmo Oval Jar

The exciting Cranberry Cosmo encourages you to experiment with your recipes. Light this sweet and tart scented candle when you’re cooking for yourself or with special company for a fun night. The citrusy top notes of orange peel, Meyer lemon and crisp bergamot complement the fruity middle notes of zesty cranberry, juicy raspberry and white peach while the natural bottom notes of creamy sandalwood and vanilla bean complete the vibe.

Pumpkin Spice by Everyday Luxe

A reminder of the cozy Autumn weeks when you cooked for many with joy, the Pumpkin Spice is a great candle to light when you want to remind yourself the joy that cutting up, mixing ingredients and cooking them on the heat can bring. All the Fall candles from this collection will bring you the same vibe.

Maple Butterscotch Oval Jar

Surround yourself with sweet deliciousness of the most comforting desserts as you get ready to follow a particularly challenging recipe. If that fails, and we hope it doesn’t, you can go get that butterscotch ice cream you’re suddenly craving. The warm and complementary combination of notes that make up this unique fragrance include warm caramel, citrus, butterscotch, sweet cream, maple syrup, vanilla and caramelized sugar.

Do you have a favorite scented jar candle that you love to light in the kitchen?


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