Taper candles are a centuries-old tradition, created by artisans tediously hand-dipping a string or wick into hot wax repeatedly to create the beautiful look. Ancient Greeks honored the goddess Artemis with candles, Romans have made candles since 500 B.C., and temple candles in India were originally made from boiling cinnamon.

Today taper candles, or tapers, are associated with refined elegance. A wedding reception, a romantic dinner, a fine dining establishment or an elaborate mantle.

Modern candle holders and ornate candelabras are used with taper candles as accents to homes and events. These tall, slender candles can be used to highlight centerpiece arrangements and add light without taking away from floral arrangements. Taper candles set the mood without stealing the show. 

Our Handipt Taper candles come in 6-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch sizes. They can be used individually or together to create stunning multi-level arrangements. We offer thicker classic 5-inch Grand Taper candles and slender Classic Taper candles in 25 different colors in 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch heights. 

If you want to create a casually elegant ambiance, make a bucket of light by simply filling a bucket with tapered candles. (Tip: put enough candles in the bucket so they all stand up straight.) Or fill a bucket with sand for stability and texture, then put in your taper candles. Add an accent color by tying a ribbon around the bucket. Or use candles of multiple hues together to add some color to your event. 

To create the perfect DIY candle holder, drill holes in a piece of wood the size of the bottom of your candle. Or cut off the top half of a pinecone to create a seasonal, earthy and rustic chic candle holder.

You can also fill a water bottle with flowers, herb or plants for color, then place a tapered candle in the top. (Pro tip: If the candle doesn’t fit perfectly, melt it a little with a match, then twist it into place.)

Don’t just set the table, set the mood with an array of colors and heights to choose from with Colonial Candle taper candles.

Also, enjoy our BOGO Free Tapers Sale running September 26th and 27th. 


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