Old Man Winter is set to retire for the year and the new buds are beginning to peek out ahead of Spring. For the final days of winter, we have a few recommendations of the most suitable scented candles.

Hearthside – Colonial Luxe

Bid goodbye to the cold season with scents that are reminiscent of the cozy moments spent by the fireplace. Featuring classic fireside notes of cedarwood, smoked birch, and oakmoss, Hearthside brings the fireplace, and all its warmth and comfort, to you wherever you are. Other notes of this holiday scented candle include scents of citrus, florals, cardamom and ebony.

Winter’s Edge – Manly Indulgence

Winter’s Edge introduces warmth and subtle spiciness to your ambience with its blend of fragrances that are carefully chosen to chase away the winter blues. Apple, nutmeg and layered woods are melded together in this Manly Indulgence candle into the perfect cozy retreat that will warm up any room.  Aromatic nutmeg, clove, cedarwood, sandalwood and Amberwood make up the other discernible notes.

Pine Wreath – Everyday Luxe

The holiday season is long gone and is a longer way away. Relive the vibe of the joyful weeks with the fragrances that are a reminder of Christmas. Pine Wreath, a luxury candle, features warm and complex scents that will liven your home with botanical notes of juniper berry, wild jasmine, eucalyptus, mint leaf, crushed leaves, clary sage, fresh evergreen, cedarwood and cool spruce.

Winter Lodge – Pop of Color

Winter Lodge brings in warmth and brightness fit for some of the coldest days of the year. As you burn this premium, three-wick candle, you’ll fill your home with hints of wood ash, hot cocoa, and firs — everything you need for the chilly weeks. This is the colored candle that lets you live the better times of winter all through the year.

Cozy Cashmere – Oval Jar

Make the most of the final days of winter by snuggling up with Cozy Cashmere. This oval jar candle establishes the feeling of a cashmere sweater, with soothing vanilla, in a candle form. While the fresh florals and musk combine for a crisp scent, the notes of bergamot, sun-kissed orange, cashmere wood, golden amber, warm cognac, suede musk and French vanilla bring in a sense of homeliness.

Black Pine & Oak Moss – Manly Indulgence

As the snow thaws, escape to the great outdoors from the comfort of your home with Black Pine & Oak Moss. This masculine candle’s blend combines moss with black pine and mint to create the refreshing sense of a mountain forest. This candle begins with an earthy scent of moss, followed closely by the clean notes of mint and black pine to perfectly embody the adventurous soul.

Cinnamon Bark – M. Baker

Another reminder of the light-hearted holiday season, the Cinnamon Bark inspires you to make delicious wintery dishes one last time before the season ends. Bring the traditional fragrances of the holidays with vintage allspice and cinnamon bark complemented with a zest of orange. The perfect blend of sweet and spicy scents of this decoration candle keeps you refreshed and energized.

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