Earth Day: DIY Recycle and Reuse Jars

Earth Day is just around the corner and Colonial Candle is trying to show some appreciation towards the lovely planet we call home. That's why this Earth Week we've decided to go the extra mile to help protect the environment.


For this Earth Week, get a free tote bag with every purchase. Using cloth shopping bags is an easy way to be environmentally and eco-friendly (not to mention the cute Colonial paraphernalia).

In addition to saving the planet one shopping bag at a time, we've created a Pinterest board (DIY: Recycled Jar Ideasto showcase some of our favorite reused jar ideas. Our very own boss-lady, Amanda, loves to use empty candle containers to hold her extensive plant collection. She's got fresh, organic spices in oval jars and super cute succulents in ceramic vessels(Her work area doubles as the office conservatory.) 

For a more utilitarian approach. With a limitless supply of candles, I have a wide variety of container options to hold my office supplies - and I've got a lot of office supplies. 

We want to see your eco-friendly ideas for recycling. Comment on the blog post below, tag us in your social media pics, or shoot us an email. We want to see your creativity come to life! 


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