Every year, this season infuses new colors into the natural world with leaves changing on the trees. Shorter days (and less sunlight) signal deciduous trees to stop making as much chlorophyll. Weather and temperature can affect how long fall colors last. 

Just like in nature, the fall brings new colors into clothing, paint choices, interior design, and accessories. Out with the old, in with the hue.

The Pantone Color Institute, who set the agenda for trend colors, develops their Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report every season based on the top colors at NY Fashion Week where designers showcase their upcoming collections. Pantone names a color of the year, as well as seasonal color palettes.

So, whether you take your cues for hues from mother nature or pick your colors from the catwalk, we’re bringing the colors indoors with our Fall Scent line.

Biking Red/Chili Pepper

We offer a hearty selection of color - Merlot, Cinnamon, Cranberry Spice, Cranberry Cosmo, Apple Orchard, Cinnamon Chai, Cinnamon Bark, and Cranberry Chutney.

Orange Tiger/Dark Cheddar

Nothing says Autumn like Pumpkin Pie and Spiced Apple Toddy, but we also have Pumpkin Shortbread and Jack O’ Lantern to honor the season.

Harvest Gold

Copper Tin Currant and QuinceCopper Tin Jeweled Mandarin. and a gold top Pumpkin Pie candles are reminiscent of the golden colors of autumn.

Eden/Forest Green

We created rich, dark green colors to accent any home or office, like Moss Green, Evergreen, Nordic Fir and Patchouli. 

If you want to soak in the autumn colors without the scents, we offer the unscented colors of Amber, Butterscotch, Pumpkin, Gold Metallic, Goldenrod, Mulberry and Terra Cotta.

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