Exciting news, candle fans: the Colonial Luxe Collection is almost here! With eleven new fragrances, this springtime collection is one of our largest (and chicest) candle releases to date. Each sparkling three-wick scented candle is paired with a round 14.5oz glass jar and topped with a beautiful gold lid, engraved with the CC logo. 

Blooming flowers of cool springtime mornings and the sweet taste of supple fruits were our fragrance inspiration for this candle collection. We wanted to create something that would pair well with warmer weather and the rebirth of the earth. Keep reading to see exactly what each budding bouquet has to offer. 

1. Davana Flower

A gleaming mixture of candied black currant, juicy acai berry and sweet pomegranate are softened with delicate berry blossoms and a touch of transparent musk. Crushed sugarcane and smooth vanilla are finally melted together to bring you a long-lasting candle with a smooth fruity blend and an added hint of sweetness. 

2. Fresh Anjou

Fruit fanatics, rejoice! Colonial Candle has brought you the perfect fusion of sparkling Asian pear, mouthwatering peach, sweet and seedy passionfruit and a sprinkle of vanilla sugar to top it all off. This sweet bouquet is blended with spiced ginger, ambered bergamot and blonde woods to bring a touch of musk to this full-flavored fragrance.

3. Indigo Springs

Relax and rejuvenate with the soft scents of morning mist and soothing linden blossom. Indigo Springs combines the sweet smells of fruity apple, peach and pineapple, the earthy notes of sandalwood and amber, and the floral fragrances of rose and cyclamen. 

4. Lavender Mint

Imagine a cool English morning during springtime, lavender fluttering softly in the wind and a cup of mint tea warming your hands. This is the sensation of a Lavender Mint scented candle. Subtle florals and herbs are brought fresh from the garden to intermingle with sheer vanilla and ambered Tonka bean.

5. Lily & Yuzu

A brilliant bouquet of shimmering bluebells, pure hyacinth, blushing lilac and fresh foxglove is paired with the vibrant leafy greens of a vast country field. These dazzling floral notes are balanced by the dewy fragrance of freshly cut grass, soft daisy and luminous clover.   

6. Meyer Lemon

There's nothing more mouthwatering than the smell of lemon sugar cookies right out of the oven. This freshly baked scent is swirled with juicy notes of crisp raspberry and a zest of sweet lemon buttercream to bring together an incredibly tempting candle treat. 

7. Peony Blooms

With black rose intertwining delicately with suede-brushed amber, ruffled iris and heady jasmine, this fragrance is a flower lover's dream come true. Pink peony petals are added to the mix and crowned with hints of aromatic blackcurrant and Eastern oud wood to bring a bit of musk to this delicate bouquet.  


8. Rose Ginger

Add a touch of lavish luxury into your home with this trademark aroma. Complex and shimmering notes of Damascus rose and citron zest are wrapped in a picturesque ivy trellis. With a floral bouquet containing wild geranium, verbena and blue cyclamen, Rose Ginger is completed with a hint of orange flower and plum blossom.

9. Sweet Melon

Dive into the tropics with a compilation of juicy mango, sweet papaya and sugared tamarind. With warm undertones of island woods and sun-warmed ambered sand, light yourself a Sweet Melon scented candle and you'll be transported to a relaxing tropical beach in no time.

10. Water Cypress

Native to the southeastern region of the United States, Water Cypress will bring the natural musky scent of the outdoors into your home with bright notes of sparkling citron shimmer and fresh aldehydes. This earthy fragrance contains an organic mixture of lush greens, white cotton blossom and hints of crisp linen.

11. White Jasmine

Envision the scent of freshly washed linen, folded and replaced into an armoire, effervescent citron shimmer lingering in the air. Notes of white cotton blossoms, lush greenery and a pinch of musk finish this fresh smelling fragrance that pairs perfectly with an afternoon of spring cleaning. 

Watch for the Colonial Luxe Collection, coming to colonialcandle.com on Thursday, March 28th!


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