Colonial Candle and the Charleston Snowstorm

This past week, the US got slammed with Winter Storm Grayson. Up and down the east coast we've been seeing record-setting snowfall - even in coastal South Carolina! It snowed six inches at our headquarters in Charleston, SC and that's not something that happens very often.

With the roads closed and the bridges barricaded, the Colonial Family has been working from home. At first, it was exciting, watching the snow falling from my window, a Winter Woods ceramic candle lit by my computer - but now, I've got a pretty bad case of cabin fever. I'm sure it's something northerners have to deal with all the time - that antsy feeling of being cooped up inside for too long. 


Working for a candle company has always had its benefits. I always have a steady supply of Colonial Candles at the house. They are a great go-to form of stress relief and relaxation, especially now more than ever with our new Stag's Head Cozy Cashmere Candles. You get that lovely, calming glow of a candlelit room paired with a scent that reminds me of a soft, warm blanket. You really can't get any more hygge that that! 

But as the days go on, even with all the candles in the world, you can't completely erase that antsy feeling of confinement. The dark, solitary months at the beginning of the year can bring about a bad case of the winter blues.

We want to hear from you! What do you do to keep your cabin fever at bay? What are your favorite fragrances for the long winter months?


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