It’s that time of the year again, and with the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to spruce up your house with delightful home fragrances and decorative candle accessories. Luxury candles are holiday essentials for those warm, cozy winter nights and Colonial Candle has got you covered. The decadent aromas of fall should be embraced in your favorite spaces.  

Here is our take on the eight best fragrances by Colonial Candles for the holiday season.

The Falling Leaves and Holiday Stars Collections – These limited-edition collections by Colonial Candle have eight fragrances that will remind you of glazed cinnamon buns, freshly baked apple pie, or long walks in the woods during the autumn season. These scents will keep you coming back for more. The candles have been crafted from premium grade wax and each fragrance comes in three different formats: a two-wick jar, a three-wick jar, and wax melts.

Falling Leaves Collection

Fall Festival – This candle is a nice fusion of citrus and palm leaf, blended with fresh sage to illuminate notes of amber wood, teak, and white cedar. Exhibiting a special scent that is less sweet, this fragrance is more outdoorsy than many other fall scents.
    Amber & Oud – This seasonal number features fragrances of amber which are perfect for fall. Amber & Oud exhibits notes of citrus and fruits paired with warm spices and a hint of golden honey

      Spiced Apple Honey – This scent is sure to bring the fragrances of fall indoors. Within the glass jar and golden lid, you will find an inviting aroma of freshly-picked, honey crisp apples blended with floral and fruity notes of jasmine petals and green apple blossom with a hint of white musk. Pumpkin Pie – A Colonial classic, Pumpkin Pie will immerse you in that fall feeling. The candle gives off the aroma of clove, white pumpkin, and red berries blended effortlessly with vanilla bean and teakwood.

      Holiday Star Collection

      Yuletide Carol  This scented masterpiece is sure to set the mood for the holidays by filling your home with classic Christmas scents. Bring in a change of season with fragrancenotes of fresh fruits and flowers that have been perfectly blended with red currant, apples, chrysanthemum, and sugar. Yuletide Carol also exhibits a touch of vanilla and soft musk. Vanilla & Bourbon – If you love the smell of vanilla in the workplace or at home, this candle is for you. Placed in a clear glass jar, this scented candle features fragrance notes of coconut milk blended with butter rum and dark jasmine. Finally, rich bourbon and vanilla are wrapped into sandalwood and white musk to complete this delicious scent.
        Balsam & Fir – This fragrance will add a bit of luxury to your home by bringing in the scents of fresh pine leaves and rosemary blended with notes of balsam, rich amber, and black birch. Housed in a simple but stunning glass vessel, Balsam & Fir is a visual and aromatic treat.Cinnamon Chai – This deliciously sweet scent begins with notes of Saigon vanilla, lemon zest, and salted caramel. For a mouth-watering finishing touch, a decedent blend of vanilla icing is folded into baked dough accord.

          There’s our list of our favorite fall fragrances. Now it’s up to you to see which candles best fit your home.

          Happy Fall.


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