Fall Awaits

Long days begin to shorten as summer tapers off to make room for the warm colors of fall. Everyone takes their last bites of shaved ice from a sidewalk vender or beachside ice-cream cone. Soon, you will no longer hear the thumping of bike tires along a boardwalk, or feel the sensation of walking in sandy shoes. A loyal towel that traveled with you all summer will soon be retired, and the warm night breeze on a fresh sunburn will be a thing of the past. Laughter and screams of delight from amusement park ferris wheels will fade into the distance and soon be replaced with ringing school bells and crunching leaves. 

It’s time for students to close the books on another summer as they gear up for quiet libraries with the smell of books and leather chairs, crackling fireplaces, falling leaves and shopping for back to school items in school colors. The anticipation of wearing jackets and boots again to weekend football games heightens, and hearts race at seeing school friends. 

As you trade in summer bonfires on the beach for cozy indoor fireplaces, you can enjoy 25% off Manly Indulgence candles with our Back to School sale, available August 14-21. Enjoy our rich scents such as Ivy League, guaranteed to remind one of their favorite study nook. Or, surprise your favorite academic with our Black Pine and Oak Moss candle, one that will surely remind them of vintage libraries and the crisp scent of fall.

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