Why Wood Wick – Masterpiece Collection?

Our Wood Wick Line – Masterpiece Collection of scents send you on a journey to discover what is truly means to be unique. Unlock a side of yourself that you didn't even know existed before. We give you the chance to reinvent the kind of man you believe you are – whether you want to be the mountain man, freshly shaven suitor or beach boy. Just light a match and we send you there – mission accomplished – no effort needed.







Imagine a candle that is as exhilarating as a morning hike in the woods on the most beautiful day of the year. Well, there’s no longer a need to imagine. Some candles exude freshness. This one offers the perfect Woodland Escape. Picture meandering through tall pines with your favorite companion, soaking in the sunlight and enjoying the fresh mountain air. The morning dew trickles off the blades of grass as you get a sense of inner contentment. Those emotions explain why Woodland Escape, from Wood Wick Line – Masterpiece Collection, is the candle you want to wake up and go to bed with.



Only some candles can help you get completely lost in the moment. Fortunately, our Winter's Edge candle happens to be one of those. Crisp cold winter days don’t scare you at all. Rather, they remind you of what makes winter so special...a warm, comforting fire, hot chocolate with a kick and whatever else helps you slowly fade into that zone. To you, the only thing more refreshing than a walk in the winter woods is what so often follows...relaxing, curled up on the couch, enjoying the sounds and scents of what promises to quickly become your favorite candle, Winter’s Edge, from Wood Wick Line – Masterpiece Collection. 



For centuries, sandalwood has earned a place of dignity and respect within countless civilizations. You will quickly discover why. The look. The scent. The sound. This candle has it all going on. Its fragrance exudes sensuality. Its appeal is in one word: Undeniable. It promises to enhance any room in your house and alter its ambiance in seconds. Black Sandalwood, from the Wood Wick Line – Masterpiece Collection, is the one candle that every man wants...or needs, and just doesn’t know it yet.    




An Oak symbolizes longevity, humble beginnings, patience, faith, power, endurance, and strength. That helps explain the simple, yet powerfully strong appeal of this candle. Who wouldn’t love a Vintage Oak candle? This classic makes the perfect gift...that is, only if you are willing to part with it. Or better still, smart enough to buy more than one. Its unique fragrance is spot on. Its crackling burn mesmerizing. And the allure of its painted jar adds to any room or office. This promises to be a favorite of yours...and theirs!







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