Accentuating your home décor with candles is a style practiced for centuries, not just for lighting up any space but also for utilizing many inventive décor ideas. From tablescapes to hearth accents to holiday décor, there are countless ways to create a warm ambiance in your home with magical candles. 

Terrific Tabletops

Adorn your dining tables with luxurious candle holders and candles. Preferably use unscented taper and pillar candles, so the fragrance does not overwhelm the aroma of the delicious food. Using various heights and color-coordinated hues are the key. Having candles lit brings in a feeling of warmth and creates an even more special ambiance. The table runner, placemats, and napkins will also beautify the overall look and feel.

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Beautiful Bathrooms

Turn your bathroom into a beautiful space that welcomes and pampers your guests. Simple flower arrangements, and candles add a beautiful touch to your bathroom. Using the right scented candles will keep the bathroom smelling fresh and fragrant. Ensure not to place too many candles with overpowering scents or scents which conflict with each other.

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Fabulous Fireplaces

Elevate the beauty of your mantle and fireplace with a minimalistic approach, skip the overwhelming décor that takes away from its timeless look, and simply decorate it with white tapers and pillar candles. A centerpiece with flowers, candles, and other décor pieces should be more minimalistic without being too intense. 

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While decorating your home for the holidays can be a daunting task, making the whole experience extra special is important too. Discover candles perfect for that extra special welcome to your holiday guests at Colonial Candle.

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