What's on your bucket list this summer?


School’s over, the sun’s out and it’s time to take advantage of every second of summer. Summer means fresh home cooking, swimming, s’mores, beach bathing, farmer’s markets and endless blooming flowers. Wick Candle Collection’s crackling wooden wick fragrances – Plum Berry, Honeysuckle, Crisp Pear and Basil, S’mores, Starfruit and Coconut Water and Vanilla Cedarwood will inspire your summer bucket list and send the summer ambiance into full swing. Grab your friends or take solo adventures to see how many things you can do before summer’s end. Post a photo of yourself completing any of our bucket list activities you loved and tag @WickCandleCollection for a chance to be featured on our page.


Find a Farmer’s Market 

What’s better than ripe produce and supporting your local community? The Plum Berry Candle inspires you to get outdoors and find fresh plums and mixed berries from a farmer’s market near you – these fruity scents and sweet crisp tastes will send your senses straight into summer mode.



Go for a Garden or Park Stroll

Summer season is the best time to see beautiful blooms – sunflowers, honeysuckle, water lilies and hydrangeas. Our Honeysuckle candle lets you energize your spirit whether or not you decide to complete this bucket list idea. Rich, erotic honey scents take you straight onto an open garden trail with warm sweet breezes whisking by your face. 



Host a Home Cooked Dinner Party

Surprising your friends with a home cooked meal is the key to a memorable summer night. This Crisp Pear and Basil candle gives you the ideal balance of sweet and savory scents that can inspire an unforgettable pizza recipe for your guests. There’s no better scent than fresh  basil with a sweet pear finish and wooden wick crackling to match the sounds of your pizza in the oven. A meal and scent that is sure to satisfy all your summer cravings.



Spark a S’mores Bonfire

The Wick Lakeside S’mores candle takes you to a summer bonfire lakeside – a crackling campfire, gooey toasted marshmallows, melted rich milk chocolate pressed into the two crunchy graham crackers. The sweetest start to summer.



Beach Bummin’ 

Staying hydrated during the summer heat is a necessity. Our Starfruit and Coconut Water candle will prepare you to spend all day at the beach.  End your day under the sun with this light and restoring fragrance – giving you the cool stillness you need to balance out the warm sands.



Satisfy Your Summer Sweet Tooth

Something about ice cream tastes better in the summer than any other season of the year. Our Vanilla Cedarwood candle gets you craving your favorite French vanilla ice cream with its sweet yet woodsy crisp accents. Vanilla (and ice cream of course!) have shown to boost feelings of happiness, joy and relaxation and is perfect after enjoying a day in the park.


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