Despite the excitement for the first day of school, a feeling of anxiety is slowly building in the air. Summer is the time for vacation and relaxation, but the start of the school year is not. It means scrambling to get out the door on time and throwing together a poster board project at the last minute. 

That's why we've provided a quick and dirty list of things that'll make your life much simpler during the school year. 


Disclaimer: Organization Is Key

When the madness kicks in nothing will save your life more than knowing exactly where everything is. There should always be a designated area for backpacks, school supplies, and lunch snacks. 

When things go sideways, organization is key!


1. Keep a stash of school supplies in a designated area. Fill it with pens, poster boards, paper, markers, index cards, glue sticks, etc. Feel free to make a designated area for all school supplies, including backpacks and lunch boxes. 

2. Put everything on a calendar! That way you'll never forget picture day or a PTA meeting. Be sure to check the noticeboard at the beginning of the week and the night before so nothing takes you by surprise.


 3. Have your kids pack their backpacks and lunches the night before. That'll help avoid a frantic scramble for the door in the morning. 

4. Free up some much needed space. Donate old clothes to the needy and toss broken office supplies and empty toiletries into the recycling. If you're feeling extra crafty, these empty containers can be used to up your organizational DIY game! 

5. Make homework relaxing and enjoyable for the kids. The last thing kids feel like doing after spending the whole day at school is homework. Create a relaxing environment by lighting a Zen candle, putting on some light music and providing them with a yummy snack. 

What are your tried-and-true Back to School tips?

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